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Here are a few projects I've managed, either as the full-time leader of the team, or as a marketing consultant. Don't hesitate to contact me. I'd love to talk about how we can work together on your next endeavor.

Wibbitz website

Project manager

As the Director of Demand Generation, I held a leadership role during a full company rebrand in late 2019-early 2020. I worked closely with an external web design agency to create a site that matched our new brand standards, converted well, and had an easy-to-edit modular backend.


Buylow paid social

Project manager

As a consultant for the Buylow online shopping extension, I planned and built an advertising campaign across Facebook, Instagram, Adwords, Google Display, and YouTube which resulted in 10,000 installations over a 3-month campaign duration.


Krossover email automation

Project manager

Krossover broke down video and calculated statistics for sports teams. I opened up a new revenue stream by triggering emails to athletes immediately after they played a good game. Using complex merge fields, I included the player's stats and a link to watch and purchase a custom video highlight reel .


Coheed & Cambria tour

Artist manager

As an employee of the band's artist management firm, I handled the social media content calendar, coordinated promotional appearances, and prepared travel itineraries for a 15-date international summer tour.


Magnet Media Films

Paid media consultant

At the height of the COVID-19 shutdown, I planned and built an educational advertising campaign across Facebook, Instagram, and Adwords for Magnet Media Films' "Virtual Event Playbook" for marketing professionals, achieving a $2.69 cost per download.


Generativ website


Working as a marketing consultant, I wrote all of the copy for Generativ's website. After several deep dives with stakeholders, I prepared a corporate one-sheet to capture the company's voice as accurately as possible. After approval, I used this document as the basis for the site.


#FeedMePopcorners campaign

Social media manager

As the full-time marketing manager at Popcorners, I planned and managed a social media activation where people in Manhattan could tweet #FeedMePopcorners to request a visit from our branded monster truck (and sample some new flavors of our chips). 

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